The Doll Maker Story

Linda RickOnce upon a time…a doll was created just for you! That is the way Linda Rick loves to start all of The Doll Maker stories. Her fairy tale adventures as The Doll Maker have been most enchanting! Ever since she was a little girl, she believed in fairy tales and far away places…where her dolls would come to life and play, bringing happiness and laughter to everyone that saw them. With her mother’s guidance, Linda became proficient in sewing, knitting and crocheting, developing her artistic abilities at a young age. Linda would groom her dolls to her personal liking, redressing her dolls and styling their gorgeous locks of hair. Linda would paint their perfect lips and adorn ribbons and lace to their adorable dresses, making every detail better than one could imagine. 

Linda started her business in 1990. Her business started as a hobby when her firstborn started school. She began with full porcelain, all American made dolls that were exquisitely dressed. Soon after offering the dolls in the wholesale gift market in Michigan and Atlanta, the business flourished. The Doll Maker dolls were offered in the gift industry for many years before her first introduction at Toy Fair in 1998. And Toy Fair was a success; her dolls had a distinctive look of their own and were very well received in the doll industry. After her first experience at Toy Fair, she has since introduced 4 additional lines under The Doll Maker; including The Doll Maker & Friends, Key to My Heart, Lee Middleton Moments, and Lovie Dovie Dolls. In addition to The Doll Maker brand expansion, Linda found herself surrounded by many design offers from staple companies in the doll industry. Excited and overwhelmed, she pursued a few. One very special offer grabbed her heart in 2001, when Linda became the doll designer for Precious Moments, Inc. Linda was instrumental in creating the current success of Precious Moments dolls and with her creative imagination and feminine touch, she has transformed the PM dolls to an awarding- winning portion of PMI’s overall product mix. 

On January 1, 2010, The Doll Maker was granted the license to produce Precious Moments vinyl dolls. Linda was thrilled to give these iconic dolls a new home with The Doll Maker. It is with honor and gratitude that The Doll Maker carries on the tradition of Precious Moments dolls. It is truly a joy making every moment precious! 

Over the years, many of The Doll Maker’s creations have been featured on Home Shopping Network and also Home Shopping Europe. The Doll Maker has been nominated and won numerous awards, including the Diamond Awards, Awards of Excellence and the prestigious DOTY! 

Linda Rick knew in her heart with a little bit of wishing her dreams of happiness and enchantment would come true. As The Doll Maker, it is just that, a wish that her heart made that has certainly come true. In designing, Linda starts with a dream and a vision, getting the best fabrics together and researching just the right face to go with the dress. From Linda’s original concept the doll comes to life with a distinct character…playful and fun, or elegant and graceful. With an eye for beauty, a mind filled with imagination and artistry, each doll is lovingly put together from the heart of The Doll Maker, Linda Rick. Linda is truly grateful to be playing with dolls every day and living the fantasy dream! 

Fairy tales can come true… if only you believe!